Monday, April 27, 2015




Darrell Harris

Administrator of Food Service

The Food Service Department makes nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks) available every day. It is the policy of the Hendry County School District to keep the price of lunches to students as low as possible consistent with the cost of producing a good school lunch which meets the needs of the children and young people for health, growth, acitivity and education. All lunches must meet all Federal and State guidelines.


Lunch prices:

Elementary School $2.10

Middle/High School $2.35

Adult $4.00

Adult or visitor $4.00

Breakfast is free except for Adult/Visitor $2.20


The Hendry County School District has entered into agreement to participate in the National School Lunch Program and to receive commodities by the United States Department of Agriculture and accepts responsibility for providing free and reduced price meals to eligible children in the schools under its jurisdiction. At the beignning of each school year and whenever there is a change in the eligiblity criteria, the school shall send to each child's parent or guardian a letter of application. Applications may be filed at any time during the year. Any parent enrolling a child in a school for the first time, at any time during the year, shall be supplied with such documents. If a child transfers from one school to another under jurisdiction of the Hendry County School District, his/her eligibility for free or reduced price meal will be transferred to and honored by the receiving school.


Our office is located at:

111 Curry Street
LaBelle, Florida 33935
(863) 674-4113