LaBelle High School
4050 East Cowboy Way
LaBelle, FL 33935

phone: 863-674-4120
fax: 863-674-4571

 Principal: Robert Egley, Ph.D

Assistant Principal:  David Kelley

Athletic Director: Chris Siner

Athletic Director/ Dean: Ryan Harris

Dean:  Lori Perkins


The Mission of LaBelle High School is to:
* PROVIDE a safe, caring and Healthy environment where all can learn.
* PROMOTE personal integrity and service to others.
* ENCOURAGE individual strengths, uniqueness and cultural diversity.
* SHARE responsibilities with students and parents.
* HELP all to realize their full potential.
La Misión de la Escuela Secundaria LaBelle es :

* Proveer un ambiente seguro , el cuidado y saludable donde todos puedan aprender
* Promover la integridad personal y servicio a los demás .
* Fomentar las fortalezas individuales singularidad y la diversidad cultural .
* C ompartir responsabilidades con los estudiantes y padres de familia .
* A yude a todos a conseguir su total potencial .

People of the Month:


Students of the month:

Victor Palacios and Autumn Kersey

Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Blake

Staff member of the month:  Mrs. Teal

2014-2015 Homecoming Court


Lorena Cruz and AJ Ayala

Olivia Molina and Garrett Coker

Jerica Simms and Michael Martinez

Juana Gomez and Alan Varela

Victoria Bass and Scott Morrison


Malorie Gomez and Kenneth Carrion


Kishuana Wade and Adan Zamarron


Libeth Paniagua and Cesar Dobbins


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