Country Oaks Elementary

2052 NW Eucalyptus Blvd., LaBelle, FL 33935


The Homework Portal

  is a website where students and guardians can view information posted by school staff members:

• Homework

• Classroom Resources (PowerPoints, study guides, handouts, etc)

• Teacher Websites

• Teacher Event Calendars

• School Calendars

Parents can access the portal in two ways:

1.Quick access using the Virtual Corkboard.  This is a fast way to pull up teacher website and school calendars. Just click on the title above, 'The Homework Portal'. Then choose the school name in the top right corner. Then find your teacher.

2.Sign up for an account and create a menu of favorite teachers and calendars.  This method is recommended, as when a student/guardian creates favorites, all of the homework from those teachers will be delivered to a “Today’s Homework” section.