Ms. Favi Luna - Records Analyst

           111 Curry Street
           LaBelle, FL  33935
           Phone: (863)674-4100 ext. 209
           Fax:  (863)674-4103 

           Email: lunaf@hendry-schools.net

    Our Office

    Transcript Requests

    Transcripts are defined as academic records of students who attended Hendry County Public Schools and are issued upon the student's request. Transcripts may be Official or Un-Official. 
    Requesting a Student Transcript
    • Student Graduated or Attended 5 or Less Years Ago:
    If it has been 5 years or less since the student graduated/attended, the student should contact the LAST ATTENDED school directly. School contact information is listed on our website.
    • Student Graduated or Attended 6 or More Years Ago:
    If it has been 6 years or more since the student graduated/attended, the student should follow the instructions below: 
    1.Complete the Records Release Form electronically. 
    2. Email request form to lunaf@hendry-schools.net

    111 Curry Street
    2nd Floor
    LaBelle, FL 33935 
    1.   Complete the Records Release Form onsite or bring a printed copy. 
                                                              2.   Present form to the records representative.
    BY MAIL 
                                                                              1. Print, complete, and sign the form.
                                                                                     2. Mail completed form to:
                    Hendry County Schools 
                                 Attention:  Records Department 
      P.O. Box 1980 
             LaBelle, FL  33975 
    Click the link below to view or download the Records Release form:
    Records Release form


    If you recieved a GED, please contact the Florida Department of Education GED Office at (850) 245-0449