Fourth Grade Team


    Charlene Bowen-Lead Teacher
    Brittany Smith

    Lizet Rodriguez


    Fourth Grade is the place to be!
     4th Grade 2018-19
    Summer is a wonderful opportunity to read! Take advantage of this time to read for pleasure. Attached you will find a summer reading list from scholastic and a summer challenge. We hope you have a great summer! Link for Reading: Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge







    4th Grade's 2018-19 UES Eagles Supply List  

    2 plastic folders w/pockets and prongs                                         **1 box of pencils                                  

    2 reams of wide ruled paper                                                       two 1-inch 3-ring binders

    **Glue sticks                                                                              scissors

    1 pack of colored pencils                                                            **1 pack of 4 Expo markers

    2 composition notebooks                                                             1 small crayon box

    2 highlighters                                                                             **erasers

    1 pack of index cards                                                                 transparent backpack

    **1 box of Kleenex                                                                     A pair of headphones/ear buds

    1 box of gallon sized Ziploc bags                                                  Wipes

    1 pack of dividers                                                                       1 pack of sticky notes

    * Wish List- Clorox Wipes, hand sanitizers, gallon of water, 1 ream of printer paper, Ziploc bags

    **Please make sure that these items are replenished as needed.



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