The Hendry County Federal Programs Office provides funding to Country Oaks Elementary and other area schools for the enhancement of the educational process. Federal Programs offers services through Title I, Part A, Title I, Part C, Title II, Title III, and Title VI. These grants are listed below with a brief explanation of the services they provide. They offer assistance with school enrollment, orientation, medical requirements, completion of forms, translating, guidance and transportation. Pre-K programs and after school tutorial programs are offered for students with the greatest need. In addition, they provide adult classes and summer outreach programs. The Federal Programs Office also assists students in applying for the Migrant Summer Institutes, PASS programs, and HEP and CAMP programs offered at universities. More information regarding the grants may be obtained from Barbara Mundy, Director of Federal Projects, telephone number 863-674-4108, or Robert Egley, Assistant Superintendent, Clewiston Area, telephone number 863-902-4244.
    Title I, Part A: Serves Grades K-5 and provides supplemental classroom supplies, reading resource teachers, paraprofessionals, computer labs, and technology and after school programs.
    Title I, Part A: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Provides professional development, reading coaches, and supplemental supplies.
    Title I, Part C-Provides after school programs, advocates, home school liaisons, supplies, and support services for migrant children.
    Title II: Provides professional development for K-12 teachers as well as administrators, and reading resource teachers at middle and high schools
    Title III: Provides district ELL resource teacher to assist with testing, placement and academic programs for ELL students.
    Title IV: Deals with safe and drug free schools, and provides anti-drug and anti-violence programs in the schools Title V: Provides media materials, library books Grades K-12