For Middle & High school teachers, Grades and Attendance are done in Focus, the Icon should be on your desktop, if not, the URL is https://hendry.focusschoolsoftware.com.  You will use the same credentials for Focus and logging on to your teacher station.  These credentials are the same for both.  Username is last name + first initial and password is password until you are prompted to change it. 

    Example: (Jane Doe)  Username: doej  Password: password

    Gmail (Google) is your district email. Your user name is your last name + first initial, Example: doej, the password is hendry26. The email address for this account would be smithj@hendry-schools.net. The password can be changed by logging into your email, you will be prompted after your first login to change your password. It is important that you change your password to something more secure. If you are unsure on how to setup your Gmail account please call the IT Department and they can walk you through setting it up. 674-4559

    There should be an Employee Portal Icon on the desktop for your HR/Payroll information, if not, the link is http://apecsweb/ep.  You can also log on to the Employee Portal from home, the url for accessing from home is https://hendryep.hendry-schools.org/ep (this link will not work if you are on a school computer, it will only work if you are outside of our network). User ID is your employee number, PIN is a 4 digit number of your choice, email Kim Townsend or Cynthia George with the request to create your PIN.