Golden Apple Winner!


    Golden Apple Teacher of the Year

    Lucia Aguiar


    Golden Apple Teachers for LHS 

    2015 Augusta Ross
    2016 Lucia Aguiar

    School Related Employee of the Year 
    2015 Diane Raulerson
    2016 Nohemy Valentin 
    ESE/Student Service Employee of the Year
    2015 Charlene McCall

    Brilliant Orange 

    2016 Amy Perez
  • August: Dustin Ledford and Dena Billie
    September: Ann Daniel and Charlie Haas
    October:Chris Siner and Marilyn Teal
    November: Lucy Aguiar and Noemi Valentin
    December: Kelle Collins  and Lisa Hegley  
    January: Megan Greenleaf and  Sonia Ruiz
    March:  Chelsa Causseaux and Jennifer Ruble
    April:   Brent Ringler and Diana Rauelrson