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    Destination Graduation

    In the 2009-2010 school year, the Southwest Florida Workforce Development Board launched a region-wide initiative, called Destination Graduation, focused on increasing graduation rates in Southwest Florida.  The program is designed to provide Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services, such as mentoring, academic enrichment, work readiness and other workforce development services to high school students who, for various reasons, are unmotivated and/or unsuccessful and are identified as at-risk based on criteria such as economically disadvantaged, basic skills deficient, chronic absenteeism, juvenile justice issues, and/or foster care.  The desired end result is to keep students in school and increase the high school graduation rate.  A trained Workforce Board staff mentor is based at LaBelle High School, where they are able to assist their students achieve academic goals and discover an interest in many career fields to include science, technology, engineering, and math.

    ·        This Southwest Florida program is unique in the state of Florida and is expanding to more and more schools every year.

    ·        Currently the program is at an overall 97.5% graduation rate.

    ·        Of the graduates this year, 62% are attending college, 12% are starting technical training, 1% are joining the military, and 25% are working full-time.

    ·        Destination Graduation has grown from two schools in one county to fifteen schools in five counties serving 1,375 students.

    Young people are the fabric of this country’s progress and future economy and the Southwest Florida Workforce Development Board is focused on providing youth with the work readiness skills and preparation they’ll need to compete in the local and global job market.

    To apply for the Destination Graduation Program please click on the attachment

    For more information, contact Thais Kuoman at 239-225-2500, ext. 5232, Florrie Mingo at (863)674-4120, ext. 507


    Current News! 

    The Destination Graduation Program Labelle High School News:

     Program currently seeking participants for LBHDG Program. 

    All students are required to attend Monthly Meetings 3rd Wed of every month immediately after school.

    All LHSDG student’s will be eligible to work beginning 1/19, after school.  

    All of the 2017/18 seniors enrolled in the LBH Destination Graduation graduated.

    Early registration will ensure  receipt of First  Six weeks Incentives