Students may graduate early with a minimum of 18 credits, if ALL graduation requirements are met for a standard diploma including a 2.0 Grade Point average, and completion of State required assessment tests.  Students may then elect to continue their education at a Vocational Program, or college.


    ·        English:  4 credits and Pass the FCAT or Required State test in ELA

    ·        Math: 4 Credits including Algebra 1 and Geometry, Pass the Algebra EOC and Geometry EOC

    ·        Science: 1 credit in Biology, and pass the Biology EOC, 2 Credits in Science with a lab

    ·        History: 3 credits including World History, US History and American Government and Economics

    ·        Fine Art: 1 credit

    ·        3 Electives

    ·        2 additional courses


    Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward high school completion and a career certificate, or an associate or  baccalaureate degree at a Florida public institution. 

    Students who take dual enrollment courses may apply the college credits and grades toward LaBelle High School graduation requirements; HOWEVER, the grades earned in college courses taken off LHS campus or outside the regular LHS school day will not be used in determining the Valedictorian or Salutatorian.  

    • See Guidance for details

    Early admission is a form of dual enrollment permitting high school students to enroll in college  or career courses on a full-time basis on a college or technical center campus. As with all dual enrollment programs, students earn both high school and college/career credits for courses completed. Participation in the career early admission program shall be limited to students who have completed a minimum of 6 semesters of full-time secondary enrollment, including studies undertaken in the ninth grade.