• Hendry County Gifted Programs 

    Gifted education should be based on the unique needs of the student, not the student’s classification.

    Once it is determined that a student is eligible to receive service, the educational plan (EP) team will meet to determine what steps to take to ensure an appropriate education to meet the needs of the student. The EP team is responsible for ensuring a meaningful connection between identification and the service to be provided so the student continues to make gains.


    Students identified as gifted receive services through different types of service delivery models. Service refers to what a student who is gifted receives that differs from non-gifted students.

    Hendry County Elementary Schools use the Resource Room or Pull-out model for Gifted Education:   The setting is other than the general education classroom for the special instructional period.

    Curriculum has an academic content based foundation and focus on activities as related to the EPs of the students. 

    Content and pacing is differentiated to the degree that activities are clearly intended for students evidencing a need beyond the general curriculum.
    The Resource Rooms or Pull-out programs allow Hendry County students who are gifted to meet with intellectual peers to work on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to address community problems or to work on challenging programs.

    Hendry County Middle School use the Advanced Content Class for students who are gifted:  

    This program is a class where students who receive gifted services for one period a day and consult services when needed for the other six periods.  Course content is academic content based and relates to the EP’s of the students. 
    This course allows students in the middle schools to meet with their intellectual peers to work on critical thinking and problem solving skills, to address community problems or to work on challenging programs. 

    Consultation (9-12) (a service model with no course code)

    A teacher of the gifted meets regularly with students and/or teachers to plan, implement, and monitor instructional alternatives designed to ensure that the student who is gifted achieves successful accomplishment of gifted goals in Advanced Placement, Honors, International Baccalaureate or other academically rigorous programs.


    Consultation is intended to support the student. A teacher of the gifted monitors the student’s progress to ensure the student who is gifted achieves successful accomplishment of the gifted goals in the general education setting, dual enrollment, AP or virtual coursework.  . The consultation teacher is required to maintain a record of the services as related to the EP goals. Consultation occurs at least once a month or more frequently as determined by the EP team for the needs of the student


    In addition to consultation services by a gifted teacher, students who are gifted have the option of taking dual enrollment, virtual, and Advanced Placement classes.


    Appropriate Program Models

    Levels of service begin with modifying the curriculum in the classroom, special classes, enrichment opportunities, and pull-out programs in a specific area of the student’s strength.

    ·         Academic Competitions and Programs help students expand creative and critical thinking skills and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

    ·         The K-12 program for learners who are gifted in Hendry County is structured  and comprehensive between, within and across grade levels. 

    Any parent interested in having their student evaluated should contact their student's guidance counselor or the Exceptional Student Education Department.