GOOD Quality Men



    Application Form


    Student Name ____________________________________ I.D. #_____________


    Phone (Home) _____________________  (Mobile)_________________________



                            Street                                                 City                 State                          Zip


    Grade________         GPA__________           Date of Birth____________________


    Email ______________________________________________________________


    Hobbies, Interest, Skills_______________________________________________


    Sports/Extracurricular Activities



    Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Phone ______________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Email _______________________________________________


    Emergency Contact Name_____________________________________________


    Emergency Contact Phone ____________________________________________


    Please list a personal reference to who we can contact.







    *Please attach a photo of yourself so we can place a face with your name.

    **Please attach a character reference letter. This letter should be written by someone who is not your parent or a relative.


    ***Please attach a minimum of one page essay on why you should be chosen to represent Clewiston Middle School as a part of the Good Quality Men (G.Q.M.) Fraternity.


    ****Please be advised that you will be placed through an interview process before you are informed if you have been chosen.