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    Built for the Common Core, i-Ready combines a valid and reliable growth measure and individualized instruction in a single online product that saves teachers time.
    i-Ready adaptive Diagnostic pinpoints students' needs down to sub-skill level Adaptive assessments, like i-Ready® Diagnostic, leverage advanced technology to provide a deep, customized evaluation of every student and to track student growth and performance consistently and continuously over a student’s entire K–12 career.

    By dynamically adapting based on student response patterns, adaptive assessments are able to derive large amounts of information from a limited number of test items. This allows the assessments to more accurately and more efficiently pinpoint students’ needs as compared to traditional fixed-form tests.

    Common Core State Standards i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction was built for the Common Core. It provides the data-driven insights that classroom teachers and school and district administrators need to determine exactly where to focus their instructional time to ensure all students are on track to meet these more rigorous expectations and to succeed on the accompanying assessments. Successful Transitions

    Successful transition to the CCSS requires visibility into student performance on the more rigorous assessments that are to come. Using measures that are highly correlated to Common Core-based assessments is a critical step, and i-Ready offers that solution.


    In a recent independent study conducted by the Educational Research Institute of America, i-Ready was found to have strong correlations to the 2013 New York State Assessment (correlations ranged from .77-.85 across grades and subjects).


    Correlations are just the beginning of the story. In addition, i-Ready successfully predicted proficiency on the assessment for 85% of students. Plus, i‑Ready also accurately identified individual student needs on the CCSS to drive targeted instruction—both student and teacher-led.

                   Overview of i-Ready