• We are ready to start a new school year and we want it to be great for everyone. As members of the National Honor Society, your qualities of service, leadership, character, and scholarship are supposed to guide you in your everyday life, and our Chapter is here to help you with this.  We wanted to give you some information that will help you throughout this year.

    This year our chapter will focus on following the four pillars of success and it will be important to play your part.   

    • GPA: All current members will be responsible for maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.75.
    • Dues: Each member will be required to pay their dues of twenty dollars to the Chapter by October 17th
    • Volunteer Hours: All members will be responsible for earning 10 volunteer hours by January 11th 2017 and have a total of 20 hours overall by April 15th    5 of the hours must come from an NHS sponsored or promoted event. 
    • Extracurricular Activities: All current members must be involved in an extracurricular activity in addition to National Honor Society.
    • Meetings: All members will be required to attend all meetings. Only three meetings may be missed throughout the school year with a valid preapproved excuse.

    If any of the above are incomplete students will receive a probation letter, after which they will have until the end of the semester to rectify or be dismissed from the organization. If students fall under probation more than two times they will be recommended for dismissal. If a student receives a probation letter and defaults on the terms it is cause for dismissal. 

    Sign up for the Remind Text Message Account: Text @nhschs1617 to 81010

    Sponsors: Mrs. Groves (Rm 906) & Ms. Deittrick (Rm 907)



    At Clewiston High School involvement in National Honor Society is a 3 year commitment, therefore, we only invite 10th graders after successful completion of their Freshman year with a 3.75 GPA to join our organization. Students will receive an invitation to join National Honor Society at the beginning of their Sophomore year of high school. After completing all of the first year requirements they will be officially inducted at the end of the year in the Induction Ceremony. After this point students are expected to remain in good standing with with the organization for the remaining to years in order to be recognized at graduation for participation in NHS. 


    Current Members

    Hannah Barraza
    Robyn Baquin
    Savana Beckett
    Rebecca Benitez
    Stephanie Canales
    Tamara Carter
    Kyra Chute
    Madison Crouch
    Skylar Duckstein
    Marielena Frenes
    Brittany Funderburk
    Kathy Gomez
    Julissa Hernendez
    Michael Kurtz
    Wilford McLeod
    Joel McCray
    Carley Morrell
    Elton Perez
    Richard Perez
    Jose Rios
    Ashley Roth
    Lazna Sadd
    Nathalie Sanchez
    Basil Tady
    Tylyn Tarter
    Amanda Vasquez
    Sara Walker
    Aaron Williams
    Robert Adams
    Jade Bryan
    Morgan Daniels
    Ramiro DeSantiago
    Daneisha Germany
    Alma Granados
    Odilia Lopez
    Lenitria Moore
    Lisette Perez
    Megan Pittman
    Olivia Reyes (Not inducted)
    Jose Rivera
    Kayman Robinson
    Keelyn Sanchez
    Eileen Sanchez
    Virginia Villarreal

    2017 Potential Inductees 

    Lisette Alanis
    Grayson Brooks
    Nyla Chute
    Camryn Curry
    Tiffany Dunham
    Shelsy Flores
    Tajanay Gray
    Elys Hernandez
    Melissa Lopez
    Cinthia Magana
    Jaylynn Moreno
    Steven Nyguyen
    Ricardo Paniagua
    Selinda Puentes
    Karina Rosario
    Caitlin Ruiz
    Carlisha Rush
    Mariah Thomas
    Destiny Williams
    Laura Williams