Ornamental Horticulture

  • Production

    Any practices that has to do with growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, flowers, ornamental and foliage plants and turfs. Those practices concerned with maintaining or replenishing the productive capacity of the soils also fall into this category.


    Operations in preparing vegetables, edible tree nuts, fruits, flowers, and ornamental plants for market, to a buyer, or for storage, and in preparing for and exhibiting these horticulture crops. Marketing strategies must be included. 

    Consumer Use

    Preparing vegetables and/or nuts for use, canning, freezing, or dehydration.

    Artistic Arrangement of Horticulture Crops

    The use of flowers and other horticultural crops in arrangements, corsages, and plaques. Material used may be live or dried. Weeds and native materials may be used. Artificial plants and flowers may not be used. The making and use fo dish gardens, terrariums, and planters are included in this class. The end project should not be edible.


    Any practice that has to do with arrangement, establishments, and maintenance of flowers, ornamental and foliage plants and turf around or within the home, business, or public grounds. (Demonstrations on growing landscaping materials should be entered in production divisions. Cut flower arrangements should be entered in the Artistic Arrangement of Horticulture.

    Contestants will be limited to a maximum of ten minutes and a minimm of seven minutes for the actual demonstration. A time limit of three minutes will be allocated for judges to ask questions.