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Athletics Announcements


     Fall Sports Parent Meeting 8/27/20 6:00 PM in the LHS Cafeteria.  HCSB Policy requires anyone entering the building must wear a mask.  Please follow social distance protocols.  


    Season passes for Football & Volleyball are now on sale!  $40 for Football  $35 for Volleyball.  Passes are sold Monday-Friday 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM or during Lunches A, B & C.  


    Protocols for spectators will be released soon.  Please remember we are ALL here for our student-athletes.  Please follow all protocols when on the LHS campus.  


    Fall Sports Schedules are updated each week.  Please be patient as schedules can change based on county to county policies.  


    Parents & Spectators- A couple of items that have popped up during an interesting week getting ready for a game:
    1. All spectators Elementary School and below must be accompanied by an adult. Parents do not drop your child off and leave.
    2. No outside food or drinks are allowed in to the Stadium. Please finish them before you enter
    3. Spectators of all ages must either sit in the stands or stand along the fence. Do not bring any footballs, soccer balls, etc to the game. We need to limit congestion in front of the concession stand to just people buying food/drinks.
    4. Tickets are still on sale during the week. $8.00 and will be sold during lunch for students, after school for everyone else. Football & Volleyball passes are still on sale $40 /$35 each good for the whole season.
    5. There will be tickets sold at the gate but once we hit 25% at the stadium and gym, we will stop selling.
    6. Reminder that facemasks must be worn on campus. That goes for the gym, as well as the stadium. Please use social distancing when in the stands or along the fence.
    7. Any questions or concerns please call or e-mail Coach Siner. Hope to see you Friday. Go Cowboys & Cowgirls!








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