• Strategic Plan Overview

    Vision Statement

    Students will be prepared for the future of their choice through equitable learning experiences and high expectations of achievement with the ability to think critically and to become contributing members of society.

    Our Mission

    Through a culture of excellence and equity, an engaging and supportive environment, meaningful relationships, strong communication and collaboration, Hendry County School District puts students on the path to a positive and fulfilling future.

  • Goal 1 Academic Achievement

    Enhance sustainability of systems and processes district-wide that accelerate student learning and achievement.

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  • Goal3 Teacher Recruitment and Retention

    Develop and maintain systems that recruite and retain the most effective educators in an effort to enhance student learning and the overall efficient operation of the organization.

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  • Goal 5  Fiscal Stewardship

    Be stewards of taxpayer dollars by maximizing the effectiveness of every dollar, while exploring new opportunities for revenues.

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  • Goal 2 School Culture and Climate

    Develop an energizing positive school culture district-wide where every student and staff member feels valued and supported.

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  • Goal 4 Family and Community Engagement

    Develop strong and proactive partnerships with our families and communities to increase student achievement.

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