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Behavior Team

Mission Statement

The Behavior Support Team (BST) serve as consultants to all school personnel in the capacity of:

Team Responsibilities Throughout the FBA/BIP Process

Behavior Support Team

Teachers and School Personnel

Implementation Policies

The services offered by the behavior specialist provide a team-based approach that is dependent on collaboration between the behavior support team, administrators, teachers, student, and parents.

  • Coaching teachers and other school personnel in the development, implementation, and monitoring of individualized functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans. These plans seek to decrease a target behavior, provide function-based interventions, and teach the student a more appropriate replacement behavior. 
  • Coaching teachers on improving classroom management and whole-class positive behavior support. 
  • Coaching teachers and other school personnel in the development, implementation, and monitoring of individualized safety plans.
  • Providing district-wide professional development in the areas of classroom management, individualized behavior interventions, functional behavior assessments, school climate, and others. 
  • Conduct interviews with teacher(s), student, and parent (if possible)
  • Observe student in classroom
  • Draft initial intervention plan 
  • Provide final version of plan to teacher after getting teacher input
  • Compile and graph data 
  • Place a copy of the FBA and attached data in the student’s cumulative file
  • Assist with implementation by modeling the intervention for the teacher, coaching the teacher as needed, and providing instruction in intervention procedures to the student
  • Provide follow up as needed throughout various intervention phases
  • Schedule support team or IEP meeting to begin behavioral support process 
  • Complete referral and obtain parent signature
  • Collaborate with behavior analyst to complete information-gathering forms, define behaviors, and design intervention plan
  • Collect data on student performance
  • Implement plan throughout school settings
  • Provide feedback on and modify plan


Pamela Christofori, M.A., BCBA

Pamela Christofori, M.A., BCBA has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for the past 34 years. Pamela earned her first certification in 1988 as a Florida Certified Behavior Analyst. She earned her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida and is now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Pamela has worked in residential, community, in-home, and public school settings over the years. She has provided consultation and training to parents, teachers, behavior analysts, and other service providers who serve children and adults with developmental disabilities, autism, and emotional and behavioral concerns. Pamela has developed model residential programs for individuals with developmental disabilities and designed a model school program for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. She is currently a member of the Hendry County Behavior Support Team and a member of the International Association of Behavior Analysis.



Karlee Prince, B.A. ,B.C.a.B.A.

Karlee Prince, B.A. ,B.C.a.B.A. has been a part of the Hendry County School Board Behavior Support Team for six years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology and is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. She is also receiving her Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis Practice from the Florida Institute of Technology and is scheduled to graduate in August of 2022. Karlee has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for eight years and has experience providing direct services to clients in clinical, community, in-home, and school-based settings. She also has experience providing consultation and collaboration with stakeholders and caregivers such as parents, teachers, and other service providers.