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PreK Inclusion Program


Inclusion Pre-K Vision Statement "To provide a high quality inclusive early childhood educational experience for a diverse population of students that fosters social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development to build strong foundations for future success."   Referral Process

Hendry County Schools currently offers inclusion Pre-K in all elementary schools. The inclusion PreK program is designed to make preschool education available to students with a disability and to those who have an IEP. Our district works in partnership with Early Steps and FDLRS to screen children to determine if they need further evaluation from our school district. If a parent, health care provider, childcare provider or agency personnel are concerned with the development of a child, they may refer their concerns to the appropriate agency FDLRS or Early Steps. FDLRS provides local free screenings, by appointments only, where the Child Find Specialist will conduct developmental, speech, language, vision, and hearing screenings. These results will be shared with the family. If the results indicate there is no need for further testing, the Child Find Specialist will assist the family with some techniques and strategies that may help alleviate the initial concern(s). If there are any concerns noted, the parent(s) can choose to have their child referred to the Hendry County School District for further testing. Further testing helps determine if your child is eligible to receive free services within the inclusion PreK program. After testing is completed, the school district will hold a team meeting at a school to discuss the assessment results and determine eligibility. If it is determined at the meeting that the child is eligible for services such as speech, language, occupational, or physical therapy, these services are provided within the school setting. If you have concerns regarding your child meeting developmental milestones, the following agencies may be contacted to start the referral process:

Early Steps (Ages birth-3)
Contact (239) 433-6700 or (866) 547-2793
FDLRS (Ages 3-5 years)
Contact (863) 531-0444 Ext 10712 or (800) 316-7057

Typical Developing Peers

Our PreK inclusion program provides an inviting, welcoming, and nurturing environment that includes all children in our school district, regardless of their abilities. An inclusive preschool classroom provides an early awareness of diversity and the needs of others. These shared preschool experiences enable all children to accept others by appreciating likenesses and helping understand differences. In order to provide this inclusive environment, we offer spots for students without a disability. If you are interested in adding your child to the Inclusion PreK Waiting List, please click on the link below based on your location. Please note, adding your child to the waiting list does not guarantee your child will have a spot in the inclusion PreK classroom. Parents whose children have been accepted into the program will be notified in May prior to the school year they will start. **Students without an IEP are required to be potty trained to attend the program. 

LaBelle IPK Waiting List

Clewiston IPK Waiting List

If you wish to know more about our program, please contact Brianna Segoviano at 863-674-4164  or Marta Cervantes (863) 983-1507


Bernadette Hicks

Itinerant Teacher for Pre-K
(863) 674-4164 or


Lucy Flournah
Pre-K Specialist
Phone: (863) 674-4164