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District Employee 403 b 457 b Information

TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG), has developed an online record keeping system for you to use when requesting loans, rollovers, distributions, and contract exchanges from your 403(b) account.  This new system is known as the ART System (Aggregated Records & Transactions) and will expedite the time required to process your requests.   If you are planning to request a loan, rollover, exchange, or distribution from one or more of your TSA accounts-403(b) or 457(b)-you will need to establish an ART username and password.   To establish your initial ART System login, follow steps 1 through 4 below:

STEP 1:   Visit the secure ART login website:
                 Enter your SS# as your initial "User ID" (no slashes or dashes) 
                 Enter your date of birth as your initial "Password" Ex: (mmddyyyy)     

STEP 2:   Enter answers to the two security questions asked. 
STEP 3:   Follow the on-screen instructions to change your initial username and password from your SSN and birth date to a unique username and password that no one else can guess or identify.

STEP 4:   Proceed to the "Personal Profile" tab at the top of the screen and enter your email address.  By providing an email address, you will be able to receive system notifications.   If you have any questions regarding the ART System, please call TSACG at 1-888-796-3786 and ask for ART assistance.