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Connected Classrooms

HCSD is taking innovative steps to dramatically transform teaching and learning. By infusing, integrating and making technology accessible to every student, the HCSD will become a model for K-12 education. Technology is an integral component in the lives of students; technology also directly impacts the future of students. All students must have access to technology and technology must be a safe and appropriate tool for learning. A sound technology foundation for each and every student needs to be based on continual professional development, appropriate acquisition and maintenance of technological resources.

HCSD uses technology as one way of enhancing its mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviors students will need as successful and responsible adults in the community and as lifelong learners. Technology includes, but is not limited to, the electronic transfer of voice, video, data and Internet connectivity. Technology provides unequaled opportunities to explore and use a varied and exciting set of resources.

We believe that technology is a tool for learning that expands our instructional repertoire and is the vehicle that maximizes the capacity of all teachers and learners. Specifically, we envision that technology is available and effectively supported for all students and staff for the following: 

  • Provide global access to information;
  • Meet the curricular needs of all learners;
  • Provide access to the general education curriculum;
  • Refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity;
  • Provide a medium for expression and communication;
  • Collect, assess and share performance information;
  • Improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks;
  • Provide skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce.

HCSD supports digital delivery of instruction through the deployment of equipment that transforms traditional classrooms into Connected Classrooms where students and educators can see, interact with, hear and capture effective instruction. 

HCSD IT Department provides the following core technology components:

Infrastructure: Core Network Switches and 10Gbps wiring within each building and Wireless Access Points in each classroom.

Display:  Interactive panels and document cameras

Teacher Stations:  Monitor, Docking Station, Keyboard w/ mouse