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"Instructional technology is the theory and practice of using technology for education. As the modern world becomes more digitized, tech literacy is becoming increasingly important. Teachers who use technology to support learning in meaningful ways can help prepare students for success in the digital era."

Jose Santillan
Instructional Technology Coach

Instructional Technology coaches collaborate with teachers, school administration and students to facilitate the use of technology in classrooms and the school as a whole. They play a key role in identifying appropriate educational technology for all types of classroom applications, including the needs of special education students. 

An important aspect of the job in a school setting is to foster both appreciation for and understanding of how technology can impact learning and, in turn, each student’s future.  Instructional technology coaches frequently collaborate with teachers to enhance the curriculum and build opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through authentic application of technology-based tools.  Instructional technology coaches lead lessons in the classroom, in collaboration with the teacher, to increase content knowledge as well as computer literacy skills. They also provide training for teachers and staff to use hardware and software in the learning process. They frequently collaborate with educators and administrators in curriculum design by sourcing or creating new technologies to be used in classroom instruction.