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Professional Learning

HCSD resolves to provide sufficient human resources to maintain the operational and functional integrity of hardware and software systems, and support, train, and develop staff so that district supplied digital resources can be leveraged to extend the reach of instruction, enhance access to data and expand learning opportunities.

Technology really permeates every part of the organization in a way that nothing else does. Putting approximately 8500 devices into the hands of students and staff requires a great deal of strategy and alignment. Maintaining high academic standards while embracing innovation supported by technology is an ongoing challenge.


As teachers adapt to technology being as pervasive as textbooks, we provide professional learning that will meet the needs of teachers still emerging in their use of technology as well as the teachers that have been teaching with it for some time. 

Through our Instructional Tech Specialists, the IT Department provides:

  • Building based Professional Learning classes
  • District-based Professional Learning classes
  • Targeted groups by shared needs
  • Computing Services Workshops
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Classroom support and modeling