• MS Physical Education Syllabus

    *All school rules apply. in P.E., in addition to the following:*

    1. Expectations/ Rules & Regulations:

    All students are expected to be on time and dressed-out on a daily basis! If a student is not dressed-out, they will be considered unprepared for class and progressive discipline will begin immediately!

    No chewing gum

    • No cell phone/ I-pod use

    All students will remain seated, quiet, and in the locker room, after dressing-out (5 minutes) at the beginning and end of class, until the bell rings to end the period and they are dismissed by their teacher.

    • All students are expected to give their best effort and exhibit good sportsmanship!

    *Proper dress for P.E. is a complete change of clothing, which will include a t-shirt/ sweat shirt, shorts/ sweat pants, socks, and non-marking_athletic  shoes. No school clothes will be allowed!

    1. -Lockers and Locker Rooms:

    Lockers will be assigned to students. Due to limited availability, Students will be required to share a locker.

    Once class begins, no students will allowed to go back into the locker room without their teacher's permission.

    All valuable possessions must be secured in a locker during class! The CMS Staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen items!

    1. Grading Requirements

    5 Points will be earned on a daily basis, which will determine each student's quarterly grade. Points will be earned for being on time, prepared for class (dressed-out), participation, attitude/ effort, and sportsmanship.

    Easy ways to earn an "A"!

    *Be on time                             *Be dressed for class

    *Participate 100%                  *Exhibit great effort & attitude

    *Display good sportsmanship

    *Participation Excuse: A student well enough to be in school is generally well enough to be dressed-out and participating in class. Exceptions to this will be handled on an individual basis.*

    *A note from a parent is required to excuse a student due to injury/ illness, for up to a maximum of 3 consecutive days. However, to receive their points  for that day, they will be required to write a one page paper about the sport/ game the class is currently playing, for each day that they sit-out or arc  absent! Any situation requiring a student to be excused more than 3 consecutive days will require a doctor's note.*