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Jeremy Greaves, Dean of Students

    Dear Potential G.Q.M. (Good Quality Men) Fraternity Member and Parent/Guardian:


    The G.Q.M. Fraternity is a group of young men that pursue excellence academically, socially, and ethically. The qualities of an excellent G.Q.M. Fraternity member are character, achievement, responsibility, and leadership; therefore as a member of the Clewiston Middle School G.Q.M. Fraternity, students must meet the following criteria:


    • Maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average

    • Attend all meetings (unless excused by Fraternity Sponsor)

    • Participate in 75% of service projects                                        

    • Demonstrate appropriate school behavior

    • Have good school attendance

    • Adhere to G.Q.M. dress code requirements



      The mission of Good Quality Men Fraternity (G.Q.M.) is to empower middle school male students, through positive relationships with successful male teachers and community members, to strive for and maintain success with character, confidence and charisma.



      Good Quality Men Fraternity envisions a community of young males that experience healthy relationships, community support and positive relationships with successful, caring, compassionate, and respectful adults, allow in them the power and conviction to make health choices and maximize their potential.



      G.Q.M. Fraternity meetings will be held at 2:30 p.m. every other Wednesday. Members are required to attend all meetings unless excused by one of the Fraternity leaders. Unexcused absences will result in a member being placed on probation. Meetings are important because upcoming events and projects are discussed, and important information is given out.



      If a member does not fulfill his requirements for G.Q.M., such as not attending school, receives school discipline referral, not attending meetings, not participating in service projects, not adhering to dress code, and maintain a 3.0 grade point average, he will be placed on probation.

      Each time a member is placed on probation, it is considered a strike. The member has until the next month, progress report, report card etc. to meet requirements again. If requirements are not meet or a student receives three strikes that student’s membership to G.Q.M Fraternity will be terminated.



      G.Q.M. Fraternity members will be required to do at least two community service projects, one project per semester. There will also be one school project that will be required as well

      (Approved by administration). All service projects are to promote giving back to the local community and showing appreciation through service and giving of time.



      G.Q.M. Fraternity members are expected to be model students and also expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior at all times. If a G.Q.M. Fraternity member receives a behavior referral they must have a meeting/conference with Mr. Greaves to determine if that member will be placed on probation or if any other action is warranted.



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