• Eastside's Dress Code
    Students must be clean, neat and dress properly. They should observe modes of dress, styles of hair and standards of personal grooming which do not interrupt the learning atmosphere in the school. The principal shall determine when a student's personal hygiene, appearance or dress is such that it interferes with the educational process.
    The guidelines are as follows:
    • Any color shirt with a collar and sleeves. It may have vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, plaid or a consistent design. No graphic designs, sayings/slogans, or pictures are permitted. 
    • An Eastside school t-shirt may be worn on any school day. 
    • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in at all times, as please make sure garments are long enough to do so. 
    • A sport shirt of the team that your child is associated with may be worn on Friday only during the season of that particular sport. For example, if your child is associated with football, cheerleading, soccer, baseball, softball, etc. they may wear their jersey for that sport on Fridays during the season of that given sport. 
    Slacks, Shorts, Jumpers, Dresses and Skirts:
    • Any solid color or consistent pattern bottoms may be worn. This includes plaid, polka dots, stars, etc. NO designs that are inconsistent are permitted. For example, a pair of pants with a dragon down the leg, is not permitted. 
    • Jeans may be worn. However, they cannot have holes or large inconsistent designs on them. 
    • Bottoms must fit properly. No drop pants are permitted. Bottoms must also not be too tight or too short. Shorts must not come above a child's fingertip when their hands are at their sides (approximately 4 inch inseam). 
    • Tennis shoes are recommended, but any shoes with closed toe and closed heel are acceptable.