• Information Technology Department
    25 E. Hickpoochee Ave.
    School Wing - 1st Floor
    Labelle, Fl. 33935
    Office:  863-674-4559

    Fax: 863-675-4090


    The District office is located in the Hendry County Court House on the corner of Hwy 29 and Hwy 80. The Information Technology Department provides data, technical support, and computer services to all schools and departments for Hendry County. Other responsibilities include maintaining both Local and Wide area networks, data collection, reporting of Student Records, Finance, and Human Resources.

    Leslie Mathis Information Technology Director Ext. 219
    Micah Daniel Desktop Applications Support Clewiston
    Frank Shin Data Systems Technician Ext. 223
    Kevin Rennolds Database Administrator Ext. 216
     Rick Pena Data Systems Support   Ext. 217 
    Cindy George Technology Senior Specialist Ext. 225
    Kim Townsend Technology Senior Specialist Ext. 221
    Jason Adams  Instructional Technology Administrator   Ext. 218
    Miguel Rodriguez  Network Technician Ext. 228