• Welcome to the Gallup Student Poll! Did you know that thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of students participate in this survey across the country? We are interested in learning about how you feel about your life at school and in your community.
    Here are some important instructions:
    • Please do not talk to anyone during the survey.
    • If you have a question, or if you cannot read or understand a word, please raise your hand, and a teacher can read or define the word for you, but I cannot help you answer the question.
    • If you would like to discuss this survey or how you feel about some of the items in the survey, please talk to your parent, a teacher or school guidance counselor after you complete the survey.
    • You are not required to participate in this survey, and there are no consequences or penalties if you choose not to answer any of the items on this survey.
    • If you choose not to take the survey, please wait quietly in your seat while others complete the survey.
    Your opinion counts!
    You may begin.