• The Mission of LaBelle High School is to:
    * PROVIDE a safe, caring and healthy environment where all can learn.
    * PROMOTE personal integrity and service to others.
    * ENCOURAGE individual strengths, uniqueness and cultural diversity.
    * SHARE responsibilities with students and parents.
    * HELP all to realize their full potential. 

    La Misión de la Escuela Secundaria LaBelle es : 

    * Proveer un ambiente seguro, el cuidado y saludable donde todos puedan aprender.
    * Promover la integridad personal y servicio a los demás . 
    * Fomentar las fortalezas individuales singularidad y la diversidad cultural . 
    * Compartir responsabilidades con los estudiantes y padres de familia . 
    * A yude a todos a conseguir su total potencial.


    Our Vision...


    Labelle High School students will be respectful, prepared, and engaged in the learning process.

    Labelle High School Teachers will be professionals dedicated to preparing students for their individual futures and executing the policies set forth by the administration.

    Labelle High School parents will engage in a partnership with the school and their children.


    The LaBelle High School Administration will set and equitably enforce policies that create and support an optimal learning environment.


    By meeting these standards, the students, parents, and staff of LaBelle High School will be equal partners, sharing goals and high expectations, as students prepare for the future.