• Collegiate Academy 

    • Can earn Associate’s Degree (1st two years of college) during 11th and 12th grade!
    • Taught by FSW professors, on our campus, during our regular school day.
      • Tremendous savings & income benefits!
      • Accepted by ALL Florida universities-per state law!

    Additional benefits include:

    1. Flexible classes
    2. College schedule
    3. Small group
    4. 1:1 tutoring & workshops
    5. Excellent transition between High School & College!!!

  • Requirements include:

    1. 3.0 Unweighted GPA
    2. “College-Ready” Scores on PERT tests...
      • Math 114
      • Reading 106
      • Writing 103
    3. Interested students should take foreign language 9th and 10th grade.


    How do you qualify?

    • Will be administering PERT tests to qualified sophomores and juniors in February, May, and over the summer and to freshmen w > 3.5 gpa in May and over the summer.
      • May also qualify for PERT bootcamp.

    Registration 2nd semester of sophomore year.