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  • CMS, welcome to digital learning

    We will be using Google Classroom as our platform for digital learning.  Please meet with all of your teachers on a daily basis through Google Meet using the link in your Google Classroom.  Visit all the subjects/ classrooms on your schedule including Elective classes and any ELL, ESE, and ELP classes that apply to you according to our bell schedule.  

    1st Period ~ 7:20-8:15 am 
    2nd Period ~ 8:18-9:10 am
    3rd Period ~ 9:13-10:05 
    4th Period ~ 10:08-11:00 
    5th Period ~ 11:03-12:23 (Lunch included)
    Lunch "A" 11:03-11:33   |   Lunch "B" 11:53-12:23

    6th Period ~ 12:26-1:18 
    7th Period ~ 1:21-2:15 

    Please have patience as we are all working through this together.  We cannot wait to see you all face to face.  Stay safe!



    CMS Google Classroom

    CMS Google Classroom Code

    Please use the following Google Classroom code to receive Updates and Reminders from Clewiston Middle School and/or to communiate with a guidance counselor. 

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