Degrees and Certifications:

Dress Code



TOPS: Tops may be sleeveless but must be at least three inches (NOT three fingers!) in width at all parts of the shoulder. They cannot be see through (no-mesh, lace, or cut outs) unless a top that is in dress code is worn underneath. Clothing must cover the chest area to ensure that cleavage is not exposed. At no point should you be able to see a student’s undergarments. Camisoles ARE undergarments.

BOTTOMS: Any pants, shorts, khakis, jeans, capris, skirt, jumper or dress.


  • ALL must fit snug at the waist and be of an appropriate size and fit. No intentionally altered clothing, unbuttoned, skin-tight, oversize, baggy or drop styles are allowed.
  • All must be no shorter than fingertip length.
  • Leggings, tights or similar clothing must be covered with clothing that meets dress code. (A top, skirt, or dress that is no shorter than fingertip length.)
  • Clothing with holes, rips or tears above the knee exposing skin are not permitted.


IDs must be worn on a lanyard around the neck and kept in good condition at ALL TIMES while on campus. (Students must wear IDs without markings or stickers on them at all times while on LMS campus. Replacement cost is $3.00 for the ID, $1.00 for a lanyard. Students who forget their ID will be given a temporary ID for a cost of $1.00. Failure to wear an ID may result in disciplinary actions.)


Some examples of inappropriate dress or grooming include:


  • Extremely short dresses
  • Rollers or curlers in the hair
  • Backless shirts or dresses
  • Bare skin at the waist, abdomen or chest
  • Spaghetti strap tank-top shirts
  • Costumes
  • Sleepwear
  • NO Camisoles
  • NO Bandanas
  • NO tops that completely expose shoulders




  • Short-shorts
  • Exposed undergarments
  • Words, symbols or graphics that violate common decency, are offensive, profane, suggestive, discriminatory, or promote alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence, drugs or gang printed or attached to apparel or otherwise disrupt the learning environment (including what is written on skin, backpacks or other items).




  • Safe footwear shall be worn at all times. No bedroom slippers or shower shoes. (Proper lace up athletic shoes must be worn during P.E.)
  • Sun glasses, hats and any other type of head cover are not allowed except when authorized by a teacher with prior administrator approval, if appropriate within the context of the class and, in those cases, may only be worn outside if appropriate to the circumstances and weather conditions (for example: during Ag class when working in the garden). Hoods and cold weather hats (not baseball caps) may be worn outside if appropriate to the weather conditions. (The temperature is below 60°F, or it is raining.) These items will be confiscated by staff members.
  • NO electronic devices in classes at any time (Unless authorized by the teacher with prior administrator approval and used for instructional purposes). (Violations will result in the item being confiscated by a staff member following the guidelines in the School District Handbook.) Electronic devices must remain off and out of sight.
  • Outerwear shall not be used to cover up dress code violations.


Students who violate the dress code will be warned and asked to change clothes. Students who cannot, or will not change, will be sent to RTC until their parents bring clothes.  Repeated violations will be addressed through the school’s discipline office.

LMS Administration reserves the right to prohibit any type of dress, accessory or grooming that is considered disruptive and to make changes to the dress code at any time, if circumstances dictate.