• Focus Parent Portal Account Registration


    You must have an internet connection and a valid email address to register on the Hendry School District Focus Parent Portal.  The supported browsers are Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.  Microsoft Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

    1. To begin navigate to the following web address: https://hendry.focusschoolsoftware.com/focus/auth/
    1. If you have not registered, click the link ‘I DO NOT have an Account Registered on the Parent Portal but my child is Actively Enrolled
    2. Parent Information page requires the First Name and Last Name (as they appear on your driver’s license) and a valid email address which will receive the auto-generated password upon account registration completion.  Click the ‘Submit’ button once the First Name, Last Name and valid email address are correct.
    3. Your Child Information page requires the last 4 digits of your child’s social security number, your child’s student ID and your child’s birthday.  After enter the information, click the ‘Add Student’ button.   If the system does not find a match, this message will be displayed in red.   If you do not know the last 4 digits of your child’s social security number or it is not on file, you can continue to create your account, but will have to visit each school with a valid government issued photo ID and the school will verify your account.
    4. Child Found page will be displayed with your child’s name and image (if available) if the system matches the the last 4 digits of your child’s social security number, your child’s student ID and your child’s birthday from the previous Child Information page.
    5. If you have no further children to add, you can click the link ‘I am FINISHED adding students. CREATE MY ACCOUNT’.  If you have additional children, click the link ‘I would like to ADD ANOTHER CHILD’ and continue.
    6. The Credentials page will display the Username and Password that you will use when you login to the Focus Parent Portal.   The Username is the valid Email Address you used in the earlier screen.  The Password will be generated automatically from the Focus Parent Portal and will also be displayed.
    7. Congratulations!   You are now registered and able to login to the parent portal at the address:




    Focus School Verification of Parent Account Registration


    If a parent follows option 2 and does not enter their students last four digits of their child’s Social Security Number, then the parent will have to go to the school and show their driver’s license or some other identification to prove they are the student’s parent/guardian.  If a parent has children at multiple schools, they will have to go to each school.


    The school staff user will have to navigate to:


    Users > Verify Parent Accounts


    The school staff user will check the empty checkbox corresponding to the correct row for that parent.   Then click the ‘Save’ button.