•  At LaBelle Middle School, the teachers in the math department strive for excellence. Our department of veteran teachers is always employing new methods to bestow upon the students a love of mathematics. We know that every student’s brain can grow to be stronger in their mathematical reasoning by having flexible thinking and learning from their mistakes. We are proud of our work as teachers, but even more proud of our students. This year two classes of 7th grade students are taking Algebra I, which is a high school credit course. Next year those same students will be taking Geometry. This advanced course pathway will allow them to explore more possibilities as they enter high school. This will be the first year that the mathematics end of year test (formerly known as FCAT, now a FSA assessment) will be taken on the computer. We are working diligently to prepare our students to tactile the mathematical and technological aspects of this new test. We are using the iReady program this year as a means to gauge student progress and growth. A large majority of our students had already gained one-year of math knowledge after our second round of iReady testing in December. We are excited to see how much they have grown by the end of the year.