• LaBelle Middle School's Jr. Thespian Troupe 89392

    is sponsored by Ms. Suzanna Talada 

    LaBelle Middle School is home to an internationally-recognized, theatre honors club, Jr. Thespian Troupe 89392. The International Thespian organization is named after the original actor, Thespis of Icaria, who was the first person to step out of the Greek chorus and play a character. In addition to being a theatre honors club, troupes compete on the district, state, and national levels.
    Some of the categories the troupe will be competing in include monologue, solo, duet, small scene ensemble, pantomime, and large group musical. 
    Florida Jr. Thespian State Festival Results
    See the results below from our recent competition at the Florida Junior Thespian Festival in Orlando.  Our troupe received  2 EXCELLENTS and 4 SUPERIORS!! --
    Our LMS Jr. Thespians had a very successful weekend at the state festival in Orlando. They took home FOUR Superiors (the highest rating) and two Excellents!
    Everyone received a Superior for the large group musical number, Abby Green got a Superior on her solo musical; Filiberto Trejo, Nicholas Carr, and Abby Green got a Superior on their small group musical; and Abby Green and Natalie Welky got a superior on their duet musical.
    Jr. Thespian Troupe in Orlando
    LaBelle Middle School Jr. Thespian Troupe #89392