Substitute Teacher Information

    1. Must be at least 18 years of age.

    2. Present a valid Social Security Card and Driver's License.

    3. Present one of the following:

    (A) A transcript from a college or university whose accreditation is recognized by the DOE reflecting completion of 30 semester hours.

    (B) A certificate of completion from the Hendry County Substitute Teaching Program dated within the last 5 years prior to actively substituting.

    (C) A signed verification of at least one year of work as an instructional aide or paraprofessional in a Florida public school within the last 5 years.

    4. Complete a favorable fingerprint background check which takes approximately 10 days for completion. (All costs associated with fingerprinting are the responsibility of the applicant.)
    1. Applicant must meet all minimum qualifications listed above before being eligible
    to substitute.

    2. Applicant must submit an application packet to the district Human Resource Office. It is the substitute's responsibility to ensure that all phone numbers and address changes are kept current through the Human Resource Office.

    3. Approved instructional substitutes will be placed on the district substitute list for the remainder of the current school year.

    4. An approved sub list will be established and distributed to the schools for hiring. Schools will employ ONLY instructional substitutes and who have met the minimum qualifications.

    5. Substitutes that actively work during the current school year will be considered as substitutes for the subsequent year provided there is no change in their criminal history, qualifications, or charges of poor performance from school administrators.  A letter of intent to continue subbing for the upcoming school year must be provided to the HR Dept prior to June 1st.
    1. Substitutes are required to report any charges of misdemeanor or greater to the district's Human Resource Office within 10 days of receiving the charge. Failure to report such charges can be grounds for removal from the district substitute list.

    2. You may be removed from the substitute teacher list as determined by the Superintendent of Schools for the reasons listed, but not limited to:

    (A) Unavailability for assignments.

    (B) Failure to report to work.

    (C) Unsatisfactory performance of duties as determined by supervising administrators.

    (D) Unprofessional conduct.

    (E) Refusal to carry out the administrator's instructions (insubordination).

    (F) Mistreatment of students or staff.

    (G) Disclosure of confidential student information.

    (H) Poor public relations with the community.

    (I) Other reasons as determined by the Superintendent.