•      School Front

    LaBelle High School lies at the heart of historic Hendry County. Founded in 1915 and accredited in 1921, LaBelle High School serves an inland rural community situated along the scenic Caloosahatchee River. The community has a strong sense of cultural heritage that is maintained through and reflected in community participation in festivals (such as the Swamp Cabbage Festival); clubs (such as the 4-H); and recreational activities (such as hunting, fishing, and camping). The economy of Hendry County is driven mainly by citrus, produce, and livestock farming. 

    Our Vision

    Is to provide a safe, caring, and healthy environment where all can learn. LaBelle High School will promote personal integrity and service for others while appreciating the strengths of individual uniqueness and cultural diversity. LaBelle High School will encourage students and parents to join us by sharing responsibility for the students’ education and realization of their full potentials.

    The Mission of LaBelle High School is to: 

    ·       Provide a safe, caring and healthy environment where all can learn.

     ·      Promote personal integrity and service to others.

     ·      Encourage individual strengths, uniqueness and cultural diversity.

     ·      Share responsibilities with students and parents.

     ·      Help all to realize their full potential.