Kindergarten Team

  • Amanda Fisher- Lead Teacher

    Statira Huckabee

    Sarah Kindermann

    Connie Stuhlman

    Kieri Talada

Welcome to Kindergarten

  • 2018-2019 Supply List

    Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Please remember to check your child's backpack every evening for important papers and classwork.

    Your child will be learning about many wonderful topics this school year. Some of these topics include:

    1. Nursery Rhymes
    2. Five Senses
    3. Stories
    4. Plants
    5. Farms
    6. Native Americans
    7. Kings and Queens
    8. Seasons and Weather
    9. Columbus and the Pilgrims
    10. Towns and Townspeople
    11. Taking Care of the Earth
    12. Presidents and American Symbols