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Transfer Students

Transfer Requirements:

  1. Evidence of legal residency within the state of previous enrollment.
  2. Evidence that the student has met the age requirements of the previous state of enrollment.
  3. An official letter or transcript from a proper school authority, which shows:
    • record of attendance
    • academic information
    • grade placement of the student.
  4. Immunization against communicable diseases.
  5. Evidence of date of birth.
  6. Evidence of a medical examination completed within the last twelve (12) months

In addition to the requirements listed above, any student who transfers from an out-of-state nonpublic school may be admitted if the student meets the age requirement for public schools within the state from which the student is transferring.

Grade Placement for Transfer Students

Transfer students, including those enrolled in home education programs, will be on a temporary basis until evidence of student achievement is made available to the receiving school principal. The principal or his designee will make the final placement decision based on academic testing and/or daily classroom performance.  The principal of each school may assign a student to the grade level to which the student can best adjust academically, socially or emotionally.

The basis for assignment shall be discussed in advance with the parent or guardian of each student placed at a level other than the grade level indicated by the student's previous placement. 

11th-12th Grade Transfer Students

Students transferring to the District from out-of-state or from another country shall be permitted to graduate on schedule and receive a standard high school diploma with fewer than the prescribed number of units provided the following conditions are met. The student shall:

  1. Successfully completed the normal requirements of the school district, state, or country from which s/he is transferring
  2. Taken and successfully completed a full schedule of courses, including as many required courses as possible, during the period of attendance at the graduating school
  3. Earned a 2.0 grade point average
  4. Demonstrated proficiency in English/Language Arts and Mathematics by earning passing scores on a standardized test that is concordant with the current Florida State Assessments.

Military Transfers

A student whose parent is transferred or is pending transfer to a military installation within the State while on active military duty pursuant to an official military order shall be considered a resident of the District for purposes of enrollment when the order is submitted to the District.