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Public Records Request

Under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the public (media, community members) is given access to government records. It is important to the School District of Hendry County that our stakeholders understand their rights to obtain public records.

Florida State Statutes - Chapter 119, Public Records

There may be a cost involved.

Per Florida Statutes and School Board policy, the cost is $.15 per page, one-sided; $.20 per page, two-sided for hard copies of reports or other documents.

If the time required to produce the Public Records will take longer than fifteen (15) minutes, the District charges for the staff time to do the work (the hourly rate of the person[s] doing the work.) Also, if the documents are to be reviewed, the review must be done under the supervision of District staff. If the total amount of time to review the documents takes longer than fifteen (15) minutes, per Florida Statutes the cost will be the hourly rate of the staff member supervising the review.

One thing to remember about a public record is that it has to exist in order to be provided. That may sound simple, but many times individuals request information they think the District maintains, when in fact, it doesn't. This can lead to the misconception that information is not being provided. Records maintained by the District will be made available and you have the right to inspect it - and have copies made if you so choose.  

Hendry County Public Records

Phone: 863-674-4642

Student Records:
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