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Statewide English Language Arts ELA Assessments

All Florida students participate in the state’s assessment and accountability system. The primary goal of these assessments is to provide information about student learning in Florida, as required by Florida law (see Section 1008.22, Florida Statutes).


The Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS) is administered to all public school kindergarten students within the first 30 instructional days of each school year. The results of this screening provide valuable information about a child’s readiness for school, help teachers develop lesson plans to meet each child’s needs and offer useful information to parents. The FLKRS assessment instrument is the Star Early Literacy® assessment, which consists of 27 items that assess early language, literacy and number skills.


The Florida Standards Assessment in English Language Arts (FSA ELA) is administered to all public school students in 3rd – 10th grade. The FSA ELA measures literacy achievement and learning gains. Scores are categorized into five achievement levels to describe student performance, which is provided on student reports so that students, parents and educators may interpret student results in a meaningful way.


The Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA) is designed for 3rd – 10th grade students whose participation in the general statewide assessment program is not appropriate, even with accommodations. The FSAA is based on the Florida Standards Access Points (FS-APs), which are academic expectations written specifically for students with significant cognitive disabilities.