Google Classroom

Students, make sure to visit your Google Classrooms where you will find the Google Meet links to visit with your teachers on a daily basis.  Visit all classes on your schedule including elective classes and any ELL, ESE, and ELP classes that apply to you according to our bell schedule.  

1st Period ~ 7:20-8:15 am 
2nd Period ~ 8:18-9:10 am
3rd Period ~ 9:13-10:05 
4th Period ~ 10:08-11:00 
5th Period ~ 11:03-12:23 (Lunch included)
Lunch "A" 11:03-11:33  |  Lunch "B" 11:53-12:23
6th Period ~ 12:26-1:18 
7th Period ~ 1:21-2:15