Important Resources for the 2019-2020 School Year

We have many students at LMS that enjoy


reading. We would like to share the following


ways they can continue to read


from home during distance learning.


Open eBooks


Open eBooks, through First Book, offers a huge collection of eBooks to our LMS students.  

                                                                                              First Book

From the First Book website:

"Thanks to your child’s educator/librarian, you are now able to download and use the Open eBooks app for free. With this app, you and your child can access a library of thousands of popular and award winning eBooks for free! We hope the Open eBooks app helps you to further support and engage in your child’s learning and foster their love of reading beyond the classroom."  Internet access is necessary to download up to 10 books at any one time, but books may be read offline on the device or phone once downloaded.


Mrs. Moore, LMS Library Media Specialist, will be happy to send the instructions, codes, and pins to anyone, student or staff, who emails her directly asking for one.  She will also send a code and pin to parents/guardians on behalf of their child if they email her a request and include their child’s name and grade level in their email.  Each code and pin is unique.  

Mrs. Moore’s email


                      Capstone Interactive and Pebble Go


Capstone Interactive and Pebble Go Access and Log-in Information


Capstone has opened up their Capstone Interactive eBooks and PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next databases to all of our students, teachers, and families.   Please see log-in information for all three resources below. The PebbleGo database also has articles in Spanish.


These log-in credentials may be used by all Hendry County Schools students, teachers, and families.

A big "thank you" to Capstone for these resources for students, teachers, and families!!!  #KeepReading #ReadingIsForEveryone 


Capstone Interactive eBooks (over 3,000 Interactive eBooks available):

log-in:         continue

password:  reading


PebbleGo by Capstone "Where K-3 Students Go to Find Answers":

log-in:         engaged

password:  learning


PebbleGo Next by Capstone "Designed with the Grades 3-5 Researcher in Mind":

log-in:         engaged

password:   learning


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Important Resources for 2019-2020 School Year


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