Attention Important Announcements


Attention Important Notice

Beginning next week our Guidance Counselors will be going into 6th and 7th grade Language Arts classes to discuss scheduling classes for next year.  Students will be taking home course request forms and bringing them back for scheduling purposes. Our 8th grade students will be taken care of differently at a later date since they are moving up to the high school. Students must have a Parent or guardian signature.the student course request form needs to be turned in no later than February 27th, 2020.  They should return them to their Language Arts teacher or Guidance office.



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and now also offer transportation.


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      2019 - 2020 Assessment Dates


Parents please keep in mind that attendance plays a huge part in your child being prepared for the upcoming State Assessments.


  • January 27, - March 20 : (WIDE) ACCESS for ELLs, Alternate (WIDA) ACCESS for ELLs     
  • April 2 : 6th Grade Writing (paper based)

          7th & 8th Grade Writing (computer based) 

  • April 3rd - 14th : Writing make-up window
  • May 5th : 6th Grade ELA (Session 1, paper based) 

          7th & 8th Grade ELA (Session 1 computer based) 

  • May 6th :  6th Grade ELA (Session 2, paper based) 

           7th & 8th Grade ELA (Session 2, computer based) 

  • May 8th : 8th Grade Science (paper based)
  • May 12th : 6th Grade Math (Session 1, paper based)                                                                                   7th & 8th Grade Math (Session 1, computer based)
  • May 13th : 6th Grade Math (Session 2, paper based)                                                                                  7th & 8th Grade Math (Session 2, computer based)
  • May 15th : Last day for make-ups only for : 

                       6th Grade ELA, 6th Grade Math, 8th Grade Science 

  • May 19th : Civics EOC
  • May 20th : Algebra I EOC, Geometry EOC (Session 1)
  • May 21st : Algebra I EOC, Geometry EOC (Session 2)
  • May 27th : Last Day for make-ups for : 

                        7th Grade ELA, 7th Grade Math, Algebra I EOC, Geometry EOC, Civics EOC