Other Staff Members

Diane Johnson, Employment Specialists

Raymond Marroquin, TIPS Officer (LaBelle)

Felicitas Carrillo, Truancy Intervection Case Manger 

Patrick McElroy, TIPS Officer (Clewiston)
Janet Delgado, Parent Assistant (LaBelle)
Martha Cervantes, Parent Assistant (Clewiston) 
Ada Ash, Student Data 
Jacque Drapal, Bookkeeper 
Deborah (Sissy) Perry, Student Records 
Melissa Thomley, Teen Parent Teacher 
Elaine Montane, Visually Impaired Teacher
Bridget Balmori,  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
Stephanie Vargas, Resource Counselor
Kolisa Franklin, Resource Counselor 
Vacant ,SEDNET 
Dr. Pete Borghese, Behavior Specialist